Launched in 1979, Gafoor Trading Co started off as a cosmetics accessories distribution primarily serving the Singaporean market. And in 1989, Gafoor Trading Co further established a branch in Malaysia.

By partnering with key suppliers from Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan, Gafoor Trading Co experienced considerable growth and success during 80s and 90s.

With demand for cosmetics accessories dwindling combined with increased competition, Gafoor Trading Co pivoted to other product lines such as colour cosmetics, depilatory, toiletries, skincare, suncare and shaving accessories, a range of lines it maintains till today.



Having served the cosmopolitan, multicultural Singaporean market for over 40 years, Gafoor Trading Co understands, respects and values the unique wants and needs of each sub segment in a market.

It is this adherence to customization and responsiveness that has served Gafoor Trading Co well over the last 40 years.

Every journey, product or brand starts and ends with the customer with Gafoor Trading Co playing a key support role to satisfy the consumers.


Gafoor Trading Co partners with hypermarkets, supermarkets, chain stores, boutiques and stand alone retailers for product placements. Gafoor Trading Co considers and values these outlets as key partners and has actively built and maintained relationships with key personnel within these organizations.

These partnerships have been key in getting favourable shelf space, launching new products and undertaking occasional promotions.


Gafoor Trading Co distributes products through the traditional channels and e-commerce channels. Understanding the changing consumer trends, Gafoor Trading Co has been actively involved in growing brand specific e-commerce channels to supplement distribution through traditional channels.


We focus on brands and the growth of these brands. Gafoor Trading Co invests in brands that it believes will bring a long term value to the markets it serves.

Brands are considered by analysing its fit and potential in at least two market. Gafoor Trading Co then plans a customized strategy for each brand to increase its exposure and attractiveness to consumers in the market.


Gafoor Trading Co aspires to be a leading FMCG distributor in the ASEAN region. Furthermore, Gafoor Trading Co seeks to gain considerable market share in Africa and Europe.